Safe and Secure: Next-Gen Endpoint Security Solutions

Next-generation endpoint security has quickly become a buzzword heard by IT managers. Although the term is frequently spoken of, few know its actual meaning. So what is next-generation endpoint security? It's a break away from the traditional endpoint security methods.

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Manage Your Applications to Give Users a Positive Cloud Experience

Where would businesses be today without apps? They cut across departments, groups of users, and even business entities. They provide a kind of insight that can't be generated by anything else. Without them, a company's visibility into real-time events of the organization is limited. If a critical app malfunctions and goes down, business can come to a halt.

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Challenges with Implementing an Application Security Strategy

Applications have a critical place within organizations. They help generate revenue, are a part of workflows, and they collect data. As companies rely on them more and more and they become ingrained in business processes, the question of security arises. Businesses who've never given application security a second thought are now concerned with the risks these applications bring with them. While it's known that some sort of security measures are needed, it's less obvious how to go about implementing them.

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