Making the Digital World Safer for Children

ACSI is proud to be sponsoring the 2018 ATLE Professional Development Day for Alberta School Zones 2 & 3 on May 18th in Edmonton. As it is coming up, it is prudent to explore what IT administrators, educators, and parents can do to make the digital world safer for children.

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How IoT and Automation Are Changing the Security Network

Since its launch, the Internet of Things (IoT) has grown at an exponential rate.  Over the years, IoT has been introduced into almost every business sector and industry. In 2017, Gartner, Inc. predicted that 8.4 billion connected things would be used worldwide. The amount of IoT devices is predicted to almost triple by 2020.

IoT devices are not just used in the business sector. The consumer segment brought in the most IoT use with devices such as smart TVs, digital set-top boxes, home automation systems and smart automotive systems.

Not only are IoT devices taking over every industry, business, and household, but they are also becoming more automated. Automation allows enterprises to reduce errors while increasing efficiency. The use of IoT devices with automation can improve the quality of life for users by making everyday life tasks easier. However, they are also making security networks more vulnerable, as each connected device brings a possible security threat. 

Security hacks in the automobile industry

One major area for potential security hacks is the automobile industry. Consumers are demanding greater services in the connected car. They want increased self-driving features and the implementation of data-driven decision-making. Consumers also want to use IoT devices to access smartphone features such as music on-demand, Internet connectivity, and infotainment while driving. All of these functions allow for a simpler drive but also come with a vast attack surface.

Not only can hackers access the sensor processing, smart device integration, 3D mapping, autonomous driving, and cloud-based services. But with many IoT devices connecting to the car's network to access content and applications, the attack surface is even more extensive. 

Having all of these potential threats accessible the need for integrated security and advanced threat protection is even more present.

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To keep up with the industry trends, Fortinet has created an advanced cybersecurity operating system to protect the connected car. The system, Fortinet FortiOS, debuted at CES 2018 in January. 

The Fortinet FortiOS security operating system works to secure vehicles network domains, cloud-based services, and applications.

Connected cars require several different security solutions working as a single system.  One of these essential requirement is a real-time threat update system, like Fortinet’s . FortiGuard Labs provides effective and automated protection by using the cars latest vulnerability and threat information.

The Internet of Things is changing the attack surface

Every IoT device expands the attack surface for hackers. Hackers can now craft attacks against cars, smartphones, home automation systems, and even refrigerators.  However, there is no need to panic, Fortinet provides a variety of platforms to protect you and your business.

By using data collected from more than three million sensors around the globe to protect more than 300,000 customers every day, Fortinet is well equipped to keep you safe from online threats.

The ACSI Team have deep security expertise when it comes to helping you define a full Enterprise Security Strategy. ACSI will help you complete a full security implementation using the Fortinet product portfolio.

ACSI is a Fortinet Platinum Reseller partner and experienced in implementing their solutions into various vertical markets including K-12, post-secondary education, government, and energy customers. Consolidate your IT resources and further extend your budget with these great IT solutions.

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