Making the Digital World Safer for Children

ACSI is proud to be sponsoring the 2018 ATLE Professional Development Day for Alberta School Zones 2 & 3 on May 18th in Edmonton. As it is coming up, it is prudent to explore what IT administrators, educators, and parents can do to make the digital world safer for children.

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Prepare Your Company’s Toolkit to Survive Ransomware

Old styles have a way of once again becoming trends. Ransomware, once an old threat, has come roaring back to get money, hold files ransom, and disrupt businesses—just like in the old days. It has grown to such proportions that it has become one of the top forms of cyberattacks.

According to FBI reports, ransomware attackers cashed in a huge amount of money in 2016. They collected more than $209 million in ransom during the first three months of 2016—the first three months. The volume of those attacks was 10 times higher than all of 2015.

Disregarding the usually large ransoms themselves, these attacks can destroy businesses. There's business disruption while files are being held ransom, there could be costly remediation expenses, and a loss of consumer trust/diminished brand.

Why the Resurgence?

There have been four primary drivers that have led to the recent rise of this kind of attacks. First, attackers have many more distribution channels, which boost their chances of success. Ransomware attacks commonly use emails as their attack vehicles. Next, it's never been cheaper to build, and it targets lucrative organizations and individuals that are highly motivated to pay up for their files. Lastly, the ransom is really easy to collect thanks to digital currency.

How to Protect your Company.   

If you think your company's online security toolkit is too empty, it's time to start filling it with tools that can enhance the overall security of your business and stop this kind of attack from becoming a problem. Here are some things you can do internally to prepare for this destructive software and some help you can get from cybersecurity solution providers.

One of the things you can do internally to prepare for these attacks is to backup and restore all your files. A strong strategy should include regularly backing up your data. If your files are held for ransom, you'll have copies elsewhere to work from. Many companies do conduct this best practice, but not many go one step further to run backup and restore drills. If you don't run restore drills, you won't be able to know for sure if your file backups are working.

One cybersecurity solution that works well against ransomware is the Aruba ClearPass. This solution helps increase your response to these attacks, streamlines your network security management, and automatically detects threats. It can help unify your threat data, so you can take simple actions to disconnect malicious devices at the network layer. The Aruba ClearPass will help you re-enforce your security perimeter and give you insight into what's connecting inside the business.

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Don't let your security toolkit sit empty. When you go to use it, you're going to be severely disappointed. Fill it with the Aruba ClearPass solution that will help protect your business from ransomware and other online threats.   

ACSI is an Aruba reseller partner and experienced in implementing their solutions into various vertical markets including K-12, post-secondary education, government, and energy customers. We can help you fill your toolkit, so you stay prepared all the time.

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