Making the Digital World Safer for Children

ACSI is proud to be sponsoring the 2018 ATLE Professional Development Day for Alberta School Zones 2 & 3 on May 18th in Edmonton. As it is coming up, it is prudent to explore what IT administrators, educators, and parents can do to make the digital world safer for children.

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Secure Network Access Built For Mobility

Discussions on the Internet of Things (IoT) have been very prominent in the enterprise technology world for some time now. However, we have not seen any real end-to-end IoT solutions -- until now.

With the emergence of IoT devices, the attack surface grew exponentially. This increase is because IoT devices can be managed by outside administrators and can be used to generate threats from remote locations.

According to Gartner, employees in today’s digital workplace use an average of three different devices in their daily routine. This number is expected to grow as wearable devices and IoT devices become more mainstream.

Since users can connect a variety of devices to wired and wireless connections, the concept of a fixed threat perimeter no longer exists. The increase of mobile and IoT devices open the enterprise network up to a variety of unforeseen risks, as well as security and compliance concerns. The need for more significant network security services is becoming necessary.

According to Ponemon Institute, 48 per cent of all breaches in the 2016 study were caused by malicious or criminal attacks.

The need to create enforcement policies with secure access management that only allow trusted devices to connect is fast becoming a security must-have. To protect the enterprise and its resources in the digital workplace, IT must consider security that starts from the inside out.

Aruba Networks can protect you and all of your devices from any cyber threats

The Aruba Adaptive Trust Defense model adapts to the dynamics of mobility by leveraging rich contextual data from the network and its security systems for a stronger, well-coordinated defense.

Using the Aruba ClearPass, the adaptive trust defense model protects enterprises from the inside out.              

The Aruba ClearPass Policy Management Platform is a central component that allows IT to adapt and apply trust levels based on every user and device that requests wireless, wired or VPN access.

To do this, ClearPass leverages real-time, contextual data that IT can trust - a person's role inside an organization, device and app attributes, location and insight from third-party security solutions - to create policies that satisfy highly mobile security needs.

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Improve end-to-end security with Aruba ClearPass

ClearPass is the only policy platform that centrally enforces all aspects of enterprise-grade access security. The platform uses granular policy enforcement based on a user's role, device type and role, authentication method, EMM/MDM attributes, device health, traffic patterns, location, and time-of-day. Their deployment scalability supports tens of thousands of devices and authentications which surpasses the capabilities offered by legacy AAA solutions.

 Aruba Networks have options for small to large organizations, from centralized to distributed environments.

Because of the increase in IoT devices and an always-on mobile workforce, organizations are facing increasingly complex IT infrastructures. Organizations are more exposed to attacks than ever before.

Businesses need a seamless path from device and user discovery, wired and wireless access control, attack detection and adaptive response - based on set policies. Aruba Networks will protect you from all seen and unseen threats.

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