Making the Digital World Safer for Children

ACSI is proud to be sponsoring the 2018 ATLE Professional Development Day for Alberta School Zones 2 & 3 on May 18th in Edmonton. As it is coming up, it is prudent to explore what IT administrators, educators, and parents can do to make the digital world safer for children.

Build a Sustainable Security Program for Your Company

An IT security program has innumerable moving parts that work together cohesively to protect a company and its many assets. On their own, they can't do enough to safeguard what needs to be protected, but together, they can do great things.

Endpoint Security Solutions: Which One Should You Choose?

Endpoint security is more relevant now than it ever has been. Companies are changing like never before, allowing employees to bring in and work from their own devices. The number of online attack occurrences has increased, and both networks and endpoints are at risk.

The First Steps to Preventing a Malware Attack on Your Network

Keeping a network secure isn't an easy task for IT administrators. Cyberattacks differ greatly in threat and capability. If a company overreacts to a cyber threat or implements the wrong technology, major expenses can incur and hackers may have an easier time getting in. But, preventing a malware attack on your network is easy with the right tools.

Cloud Computing and Enterprise Mobility Management Best Practices

Moving your business to the cloud can be a great benefit to your operation. So can creating a mobile workforce. However, to get the most benefits out of these business strategies, you need to have a long-term plan that aligns cloud computing and mobility management to your overall business operation.

Are These Best Practices in Your Mobility Management Strategy?

Enterprise mobility is the bona fide ruler of today's business world. However, mobility best practices are only now being adopted and adjusted in many organizations. Those who have it, love it, and those who don't wish they did. It's an enticing idea—the possibility of having work easily accessible at your fingertips. You can work from anywhere.

Aruba Cyber Security Solutions Give Libraries Protection

Libraries should have an online protection plan to safeguard themselves from the threats lurking in the corners of the internet. An online protection plan will help keep your library devices functional and safe, and your patrons' data secure. Libraries that don't have such a plan need to get one.

BYOD Management: How to Control this Environment

Mobile devices are attached to our hips; people are buried in them, constantly answering emails and completing work. Estimates suggest the number of mobile devices will be around 10 billion in five years. That number works out to be 1.5 devices for every person on the planet.

Private Cloud Security Challenges: What You Need to Watch for

Of the variations of the cloud, the private option is enticing to many enterprise IT leaders. They are embracing its capabilities to improve their company's agility, reduce costs, and accelerate development cycles—all while doing so internally. With a private cloud, IT can still get the benefits of a public one, while asserting more control over protection, compliance, and security.

IT Myth Busting: The Fallacies Behind Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

Many online assets and critical business information are stored in the cloud for easy access, and easy access they are. If they aren't protected, along with your endpoints and network, your company is a huge target for hackers, viruses, and other online threats. To effectively protect what matters most to your company, you need strong, reliable security measures.

Safe and Secure: Next-Gen Endpoint Security Solutions

The endpoint detection and response (EDR) markets are rapidly growing because security and risk management leaders are seeking adaptive security infrastructure.

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Making the Digital World Safer for Children

ACSI is proud to be sponsoring the 2018 ATLE Professional Development Day for Alberta School Zones 2 & 3 on May 18th in Edmonton. As it is coming up, ...

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